Terms and Conditions


1. Your Credit Card will be charged in full at the time the order is processed.

2. Please allow 7 - 14 business days for delivery of Bandsaw Blades as they are made on demand to fill your order. Delivery is in normally 5 - 7 business days on all other orders.

3. Bandsaw Blades ordered to the wrong size in error by the customer are NOT returnable as they are cut to size and made to your requirements.

4. Any Orders canceled prior to shipping will be credited back in full, no questions asked.

5. Any Orders canceled after the merchandise has shipped will be subject to a 15% restock charge and you the customer is responsible for returning all merchandise to the appropriate warehouse. All packaging must be in original and sell able condition any alterations to original packaging may result in additional charges above the 15% restocking charge, with a return grace period on 30 days, only. (Example: Items returned in a box other than the original packaging, it makes it impossible to sell as new merchandise)

6. Any Order that has VISIBLE DAMAGE must be refused. Please notify the sales department of this refusal and we will reship your order in a timely manner. If an item has "Hidden Damage" no problem please call our sales department at 1-888-778-9663 and we will handle the problem here.

7. Many items have "FREE FREIGHT" status however this DOES NOT INCLUDE Residential, Tailgate, Re-Delivery or any other additional service that a commercial freight carrier may offer. Any additional services offered by a commercial freight carrier as listed above are the sole responsibility of the customer receiving the shipment. These services can be arraigned in advance, however the cost associated with them are collected C.O.D. by the delivering freight line. "FREE FREIGHT" as indicated on the ToolCenter.com site is considered "Dock or Business Delivery" or Ground UPS, FEDEX or DHL deliveries to one location unless payment at order time was made for alternate arrangements. It is therefore understood that the customer receiving his/her shipment must have the means of removing the merchandise from the Freight Terminal. The location of this Freight terminal may vary depending on the carrier we get the best freight cost from for that particular delivery. If you have any questions please call 888-778-9663 and ask one of our helpful salesperson.

8. "FREE FREIGHT" Does not include ANY UPS, FEDEX or DHL Next Day or Second Day AIR Shipments. These shipments are available for items weighting less than 60 lbs at an additional cost. For a quotation call the Sales Desk at 1-888-778-9663 or send an email.

9. All "FREE FREIGHT" is limited to the Continental US only. Any shipments to Alaska, Hawaii or any foreign locations does not receive "FREE FREIGHT". We will however, deliver to any freight forwarder or shipping point within the continental US at no additional cost if the items has "FREE FREIGHT" Status.

10. Many items have a flat fee per product type per order. These fees are grouped per product type, ie. Bandsaw Blades, Woodworking Plans, Carver and Carver parts, etc. These shipping costs are added to the order whenever an item in those groups are ordered, even though another item in the order is shipping with "FREE FREIGHT"
Applies to USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL and Truck Deliveries

1. Cancel Order Before Shipment

If you cancel an order before shipment there is no charge to you if this was a stock item. If the product you ordered was a special order (Item not listed on our website or a non-stock variation) we may charge you a restocking fee equal to the inbound freight plus 15% of the order sale price.

2. Cancel Order After Shipment, Product Not Damaged. "You must contact us before RETURN"

After an item has left our premises you will be responsible for the actual outbound freight charges, even though the item was order with "FREE FREIGHT" plus any return freight charges. If the product is returned unopened and undamaged you will be credited for the product price less return freight costs and a 15% charge. If the product is used or is not returned in complete salable condition, a fee of up to 25% may be charged upon inspection of the product.

3. Items that are NOT eligible for RETURN

Any ITEM that is purchased during an INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE and purchased at the reduced price.
BANDSAW BLADES are made to the order request are non returnable. It is the customer responsibility to make sure the size specified on the order will work on the customers machine. If an error is made in the size by us during the manufacturing process, the blade will be replaced at no cost to the customer.
Orders older than 30days.

4. Receive Damaged Product, Possible Shipper Damage "You Must Contact Us Immediately"

Always check your package before signing the UPS, FEDEX or DHL receipt. By signing your UPS, FEDEX or DHL receipt you acknowledge the product was received in good condition. Note any damage to the package with your UPS, FEDEX or DHL driver. Open the package in the presence of the UPS, FEDEX or DHL driver if you suspect your shipment could be damaged. Call us immediately. After we receive your call we will file a claim form and start processing a new order. Save all the packaging materials as UPS, FEDEX or DHL will at times want to inspect the shipment. We will do our best to expedite the process of sending you a replacement order. There is No Charge to you for shipper damaged returns or replacement product, only if we are allowed to replace the item. If you choose to not have the item replaced, the policy of Cancel Order After Shipment, Product Not Damaged will apply.

5. We Ship You the Wrong Product " Contact us immediately for a replacement"

If we ship you an incorrect product, we will issue a call tag for its return and initiate a new order with the corrected product. All freight charges will be paid by us.

6. Your Order is Received Incomplete If we short ship your order, call us or email us. We will ship the correct product to you. All freight charges will be paid by us. Sometime we will intentionally ship short if customer has need of a partial order. Check you packing sheet for backordered items. If you see we have marked the items as "Backordered", we were out of stock and will ship the product as soon as our inventories are replenished.


Truck Deliveries

Commercial Truck Freight Lines offer what is termed “Curbed Side Delivery” which means it is the responsibility for the customer who is receiving the shipment to have the means to unload what ever is being delivered. An example of this would be a forklift or loading dock for items that can not be lifted off by hand. FREE FREIGHT according to our web site is Cyber Woodworking Depot LLC pays all inland freight charges however we do not pay for any Residential, Residential Tail-Gate, Change of Address or any additional charges that might be accrued by services other than the basic freight delivery of Terminal Delivery or Business Dock Delivery.

Cyber Woodworking Depot LLC can request that the delivering freight line call our customer prior to delivery to make additional arraignments. Please note it is not the responsibility of Cyber Woodworking Depot LLC to contact customers with delivery information; we do this as a courtesy. Any customers wanting the delivering PRO number from the freight line should call Cyber Woodworking Depot LLC 888-778-9663 and one will be provided. Any costs for these additional services (Tailgate, Residential, etc) are the customer’s responsibility.

The three options available for truck deliveries are the following:

Business Deliveries - No additional charges will be incurred as long as there is a forklift or dock where the merchandise can de offloaded from the tractor trailer. If you require "Tailgate Service" you could be charged for that service Cyber Woodworking Depot LLC is not responsible for that charge. Tailgate Charges or Liftgate Charges for a business location in most cases are the came as that of a residence.

Terminal Pick Up – No additional Charge. We have found that this is a good alternative if you choose not to have your shipment sent to a residential address or the business location. This allows some leeway to you as far as your time since many terminals have extended hours and some are even open on the weekend. Cyber Woodworking Depot LLC can provide you with a local terminal phone number and you can arrange to have your order ready at their dock.

Residential Deliveries – Commercial Freight Lines have the right to charge an additional fee for any service they provide. Cyber Woodworking Depot LLC arranges and pays for only the service agreed for by you on the sales order. If you ask the driver to do any other service than you paid for, he will accommodate you but then charge us for that service. This charge will be charged back to you on your credit card.

Cyber Woodworking Depot LLC requests that you consider one of the above mentioned truck delivery options prior to placing your order; this reduces confusion and frustration when trying to receive your order.