3853 TOP Fabricator, For cutting Tubes or Profiles

3853 TOP Fabricator Bandsaw Blades


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Product Features:

- Patented Double Set makes the teeth stronger, more resistant to tooth strippage which is common in Tube/Profile/Structural Application
- Tooth has a 9° positive rake angle, that also has excellent capacity for removing material
- Comes in a heavy/extra wide set which helps when customers have problems of blades being pinched by the material (typically in heavy walled, thick webbed I-beams/H-beams)
- Designed to reduce vibration (having an extra wide set, and patented tooth design allows teeth to penetrate in short instances of the interrupted cuts)
- Reduces pinching on the blade by using a heavy set tooth design


- Bundle cutting of thin to thick walled materials from tubes to profiles and beams

Tooth Shape:

- Unique patented tooth geometry and M42 tooth tip

• Channel
• Bundles
• Angle Iron
• I Beam
• H Beam
• Structural Steel
• Square and Round Tubes

• Out of square cutting
• Stripped teeth
• Broken blades
• Vibration
• Pinching

• Double set makes the teeth stronger, more resistant to tooth stripping, and longer lasting.
• M42 bi-metal material offers longer blade life.
• W - EXTRA WIDE SET–used for heavy structurals to eliminate pinching

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